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• 2002 – May

Angus Maclachlan and Dominique Gallmann establish a BVI company, ‘Exotic Properties Ltd’. From their Bali base they start to develop ‘Exotiq’, a brand positioned to help people establish new lifestyles in exotic locations. The new business concentrates on three different sectors: real estate, travel, and home furnishing. The aim is to grow through corporate investment and joint ventures in the key operations and through franchising around South East Asia.

• 2002 – July

The first two Exotiq Real Estate offices opened in Nusa Dua and Sanur, both in Bali.

• 2002 – October

Tragedy hits Bali with the devastating nightclub bombings. This event severely hits all businesses on the island for over 18 months.

• 2002 – November


To diversify away from Indonesia, Exotiq opens in Phuket, Thailand.



• 2003 – January


SARS virus scare is at its height, adding to the hostile trading environment in South East Asia.

• 2003 – June

After months in development Exotiq launches its customized brokerage operating software called ‘VISTA’. This system allows management to efficiently control large numbers of property listings with unique search functions to quickly identify suitable property. It consequently allows Exotiq to operate with about 50% fewer admin staff than its competition.

• 2003 – October

Further advances in the IT area are made with the launch of ‘AVY SYSTEMS’ an online, real time, reservation system for private villa owners and booking agents.



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• 2004 – March


The fourth real estate office opens in Seminyak, Bali as business starts to recover on the island.

• 2004 – December

The Asian Tsunami strikes Thailand and severely damages Phuket and its neighbouring provinces.




• 2005 – May


Exotiq Villa Services, an integrated property management company is launched in Bali, with new offices located in Legian. This moves Exotiq into the lucrative villa holiday market with new websites launched, such as ‘Exotiq Villa Holidays’ and ‘Amazing Luxury Villas’

• 2005 – October

Fewer fatalities than in 2002 but equally tragic, terrorists bomb Bali again, further impacting the island’s development. This time the recovery is slower than in 2002, with demand for property not picking up until late in 2006. In Thailand however, the market quickly recovers from the Tsunami and starts to boom.




• 2006 – May


Exotiq adds its fourth Bali brokerage, up in Lovina on the north coast, establishing Exotiq as the largest property network in Indonesia

• 2006 – June

The first edition of the popular property listing magazine ‘Exotiq’ is launched in Bali.

• 2006 – August

Koh Samui welcomes its first Exotiq office but celebrations are short lived as a military coup takes place in September following the over throw of Thai Prime MinisterTaksin Shinawatra. The ensuing political unrest scares away foreign investors and the property market sharply contracts in Thailand.



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• 2007 – June


With signs of recovery in Thailand Exotiq establishes a merger with ‘Property Network Thailand’ a Pattaya based start-up founded by Chutima Incharoen, resulting in the opening of a new office in the resort city. Senior Exotiq management from Bali move to Pattaya in preparation for a big expansion push in Thailand.

• 2007 – September

A new Exotiq office opens on Bali’s neighbouring island of Lombok.

• 2007 – September

An airline tragedy hits Phuket as a domestic flight from Bangkok crashes on landing at Phuket’s International Airport, killing 88 passengers on board.

• 2007 – November

In its first year of operations in Thailand, Exotiq is honoured with two nominations at the prestigious ‘Thailand Property Awards’ in Bangkok.

• 2007 – December

In Phuket, Exotiq opens larger premises in Cherngtalay, which is located right in the centre of the island

• 2007 – December

Exotiq appoints ‘Jasmine Homes’ as its representative in the northern city of Chiang Mai




• 2008 – January


Angus MacLachlan is listed in the ‘Real Estate Power 99’ as one of the top 99 most influential industry figures in the real estate market in Thailand.

• 2008 – March

A new office opens on Thailand’s third largest island Koh Chang

• 2008 – April

The first edition of the Thailand version of the ‘Exotiq’ magazine is launched in Bangkok

• 2008 – June

The first Exotiq City Sales Office opens in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

• 2008 – August

A series of co-ordinated demonstrations occur across Thailand, including the occupation of both Phuket and Krabi International airports, as anti- government ‘yellow shirt’ protestors attempt to force the removal of the pro -Taksin ruling government

• 2008 – September

The first signs of a worldwide financial crisis appear with the US Government bailout of home mortgage companies Fannie Mai and Freddy Mac. In the months that follow further high profile banking collapses occur, billions of dollars are paid in bail-outs and the world moves rapidly into recession.

• 2008 – November

Anti Government ‘yellow shirt’ protests escalate with the occupation of both of Bangkok’s International Airports, causing hardship to thousands of stranded passengers and further damaging Thailand’s beleaguered economy.

• 2008 – December

The new look Exotiq Villa Holidays website is unveiled.



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• 2009 – July


Exotiq’s fifth office opens in Candi Dasa on Bali’s east coast.


• 2009 – October


Exotiq wins Best Real Estate Agency Award for Indonesia from Asia Pacific Residential Property Awards in association with CNBC.

• 2009 – December

Exotiq completes a re-branding, away from its original ‘bird of paradise’ flower insignia, to a new logo incorporating a unique ‘humming bird’ image. This also marks the renaming of the companies’ real estate business, from ‘Exotiq Real Estate’ to ‘Exotiq Property’




• 2010 – March


A sixth Thai office is signed for Khanom, an emerging Gulf of Thailand destination, on the mainland opposite Koh Samui.


• 2010 – April


‘Panorama’, Exotiq’s new generation property office operating system and database is launched.

• 2010 – October

Exotiq wins again Best Real Estate Agency Award for Indonesia from Asia Pacific Residential Property Awards in association with Bloomberg TV.



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• 2011 – February


Exotiq Australia Pty Ltd is established to prepare franchising in Australia.

• 2011 – August

Exotiq reveals its brand new website:



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• 2012 – January


Lombok office is re-launched under a new leadership and management.


• 2012 – April


A new team re-opens the Exotiq Property office in Sanur.


• 2012 – July


Exotiq opens it's second Phuket office in Rawai in the south of the island.


• 2012 – August


Your Space, a new service on that allows users to create property alerts, online price assessments and access to market trends is revealed.


• 2012 – September


Exotiq Property – Krabi re-opens with new British management.


• 2012 – October


Exotiq Property – Phuket receives ‘Highly commended’ status in the 2012 Thailand Property Awards.




• 2013 – August


Exotiq Property – Seminyak Bali re-locates to new premises close to the W Resort in the south west of Bali

• 2013 – September

Exotiq Property - Phuket wins 'Best Real Estate Agent - Phuket' at the 2013 Thailand Property Awards in Bangkok.



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