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Why choose Exotiq to sell your property? It's all about 'reach'
The simple answer is that we have the experience and know-how to reach the people who buy and rent luxury property in South East Asia. Our office and website networks specialize in resort areas only and reach the parts of the market that other agents' cannot reach.




Buyers recognize


Buyers recognize Exotiq


The distictive 'Exotiq' humming
bird logo is recognized throughout
Asia as the brand to come to if
you want to buy and sell unique
resort property.

Buyers gain added confidence
when they work with specialists
beacuse they benefit from a
greater depth of knowledge.

Unlike most other international
agents, we specialize in only one
area of the market - Resort



Buyers find


Buyers find Exotiq on the


When you list your property with
Exotiq you won't just appear in
only one website, you will appear
in as many as six.

In addition to this website, our main portal, each of our branch offices has up to three additional specialist sites ….in all of them your property can be found.

View one of our specialist branch office sites



Award winning website


Award winning website
with unique features


We get more visitors to our
websites because we offer online
features that you cannot find
anywhere else on the net.

This attracts the buyers because
they have mutiple search
options, they can measure
market trends, they can value
property and they can download
PDF's on every property.

Value your property

Study market trends





Online valuations


We provide online price assessments


Buyers and sellers don't need to
wait for a valuation with Exotiq;
you can get one online here today.

Our unique software allows
browsers to calculate the approximate market value of their
property taking into account land
prices, building and development cost.This service applies to freehold or lifetime long leasehold tenures.


Value your property



Exotiq magazine


Internationally distributed magazines


The 'Exotiq' magazine is quarterly and can be found right across the region where buyers tend to gather, i.e. airports, luxury hotels and restaurants

We always feature the best new
listings on the market but, for a
small fee, you can guarantee
your properties inclusion in the
next edition by contacting your
local Exotiq office.


View the latest Exotiq Magazine



Regional office network


Regional office network


It's our experience that over 30% of buyers are considering more than one destination when they search for property in South East Asia.

That's why many of our customers who buy with us in one destination were originally referred by an Exotiq office in another destination.

List with Exotiq and your property will be seen across the region.

Review the Exotiq network





Professional photography


Professional photography


Property looks better in an
Exotiq website because we can
call upon trained photographers
to shoot your property.

In some locations we have
available 360 degree
photography which will highlight
your property even further.


View a recent 360 degree shot



Discover invest


Discover - Invest - Enjoy


More potential buyers pass through Exotiq because we are not only selling property, we are 'enriching life'™.


Our holiday company allows you to discover exotic destinations, our property division helps you to invest and our furniture business lets you enjoy. We call this 'enriching life the exotiq way'


View the Exotiq corporate website



Award winning


Online marketing


Being easily found online in the world's main search engines is the key to success in property sales.

Our IT specialists are masters at ensuring that Exotiq websites get postioned at the top of all relevant search lists.

We also invest more than most in online marketing, particularly in Google 'pay per click' campaigns.







Experienced consultants


Choosing the right agent to get expert advice on the marketing of a property is the first step to successfully selling it.


Our consultants not only boast
years of experience they also
have available, through our
market trends analytics, superior
tools to help you fix the right
price for your property.


Subscribe to market trends


Contact one of our offices





International property


Some are not worthwhile but
attend the right international
property expo and you will
definitely get to the buyers.

We also customize our own
events in key cities such as
Singapore, where we act as a
dedicated sales force for a
specific development.

Contact an office if you would
like us to represent your





Professional Floor Plans


Research shows that 65% of
buyers are more inclined to
view a property if they can
study a floor plan during their
selection process, particularly
We use the latest software to
create simple and attractive
color floor plans of your
property, which we can then
publish in our websites.

Contact an Exotiq office for


Market Trends

Access our comprehensive database to study current
and past market trends

Price Assessments

Enter your property details to get a statistically generated assessment of its market value

Reduced in Price

Marked down property, up to 40% below the original listed price

Market Fresh

Review the very latest property to be put on the market by Exotiq


A portfolio of the finest

luxury property for sale

in the marketplace


Rare property offering exceptional features and value for money

List your property

The most effective way to get your property off the market is to list it with Exotiq

Exotiq Holidays

Escape to paradise on a dream vacation with Exotiq Holidays

Exotiq Living

At home in paradise, furnish your property with Exotiq Living




(+62 361) 737 358 Indonesia or (+66 76) 527 568 Thailand about selling your home and to find out how much its worth