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Exotiq Property specializes in the marketing and selling of prime real estate across the most popular resort destinations in South East Asia.




Constantly updated website


Constantly updated website


Our staff throughout the region are constantly adding new property to our listing portfolio.


Exotiq's customized database, 'Panorama' allows each office to instantly up-load property data at the touch of a button without having to go through any IT department.


This means we have property on the market faster than anyone else.


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Reading pulse


Reading the pulse of the market


There is no one better placed to understand the resort market than Exotiq Property.


As we specialize in exotic holiday locations throughout South East Asia, we have a unique perspective across all of the key markets in the region.


Valuations, market trends, legal advice, local knowledge ...we are the best people to consult.


Value your property now


Analyze market trends





Concierge service


Concierge Service


We see our role as much more than just a property agent… we liken ourselves to a concierge desk at a top hotel because we also want to help you find your feet in paradise.


You will need a ton of information to settle into your new location. The best schools, health providers, building suppliers, visas, legal services, vets.... to name but a few.


Our experienced English speaking staff will go the extra mile to make your move to paradise as easy as possible.


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Making deals


Making deals the Exotiq way


Exotiq Property is a specialist broker offering buyers and sellers of resort property a platform for making win - win deals.


We are paid by the seller, and only when the deal is done. Buyers enjoy a free service.


Our brokerage services differ from other providers because of our knowledge across the region and our unique ability to find buyers the most suitable property available.


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Most property agents in this region use proprietary software to help them organize their business; many use no software at all.


At Exotiq Property we have invested heavily in our own software, customized specifically for our marketplace.


This allows us to effectively manage multiple listings and to instantly match them to specific clients. Which means we spend less time staring into computer screens and more time, one on one with our clients.



1000 properties


1,000s of properties
to choose from


Featuring 1,000s of properties in a website is only useful if you can efficiently sort them out.


Our maps help you look for property in specific locations; our unique 'lifestyle search' helps you find the property which matches the way you live; our 'Luxury' and 'Exceptional' portfolios highlight the special and the very best, and our 'Reduced Price' and 'Market Fresh' lists feature marked down property and the newest listings in the market.




Market data

Market Trends

Access our comprehensive database to study current
and past market trends

Online valuations

Price Assessments

Enter your property details to get a statistically generated assessment of its market value

Reduced in Price

Reduced in Price

Marked down property, up to 40% below the original listed price

Market fresh

Market Fresh

Review the very latest property to be put on the market by Exotiq

Luxury Property


A portfolio of the finest

luxury property for sale

in the marketplace

Exceptional Property


Rare property offering exceptional features and value for money

List your property

List your property

The most effective way to get your property off the market is to list it with Exotiq

Exotiq Holidays

Escape to paradise on a dream vacation with Exotiq Holidays

Exotiq living

Exotiq Living

At home in paradise, furnish your property with Exotiq Living




(+62 361) 737 358 Indonesia or (+66 76) 527 568 Thailand about selling your home and to find out how much its worth